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What does the Aeroseal Process Cost?

Obviously the actual cost will depend on the size of the duct system being sealed – but to simply cut to the chase – the typical cost in a residential setting is between $1,600 and $2,400. Light commercial has a much wider range, but commercial contractors can look at the residential costs and get a pretty good idea of the relative value and return on investment.

Another thing for homeowners to consider is that many cities and towns have rebates and incentives available for such energy saving initiatives as duct sealing … some as high as $600. Never mind that even at full price the average home using oil will have this investment “paid back” in as few as two years and the average home using natural gas in as few as 5 years, all of the other advantages of the Aeroseal process come along with an investment that pays for itself!

If you know your average energy costs, simply enter 20,25,30,35 … into the savings block to see what the potential savings are. The best way to do this is to determine your heating fuel cost for the last year and divide by 12. If you also have A/C, then take the cost to operate the equipment for the cooling season and also divide that by 12. Add the heating cost to the A/C cost for your average monthly energy bill.
Please note that there is no definitive way to calculate your actual savings … your improved comfort, indoor air quality, dust reduction and so on should be the primary reason to have your ducts sealed … the fact that it is good for the environment and will ultimately save you money are really bonuses!

Some sealing jobs are more complicated due to the initial workmanship and design of the duct system. Aeroseal of Southern New England has the skilled and licensed sheet metal mechanics to make your duct system work the way it should. We are essentially a duct restoration company that will not only correct your systems’ defects, but then provide the benefits of a properly sealed system in addition. A classical example of an improperly designed system is when the “Return Side” was undersized. What this will do is essentially starve the system of the air necessary to fully pressurize the duct system. This is often times a fairly simple correction … we add a return run from an appropriate room in your home. This will cost an additional amount based on the size of the run and time necessary to install the run.

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